Jan 30, 2010

How big is it?

Ha!  Turns out, the basis of my adult philosophy came from Sesame Street.  Don't laugh!  I'm not the only one! 

I want to link you to this really cool slider that gets it to the older kids (and adults!) Unfortunately, there are links inappropriate for kids on this site.  Boo!  But I'm here to help!  See those four orange icons near the top of the screenshot?  On the actual site, the second one pops out a window with no links to anywhere.  Just pop it out and turn it over to the kids with no worries.  Check it out!  Hint: use your arrow keys to scan more slowly.

Awesome!  I love the 7-foot earthworm in there. 

Breaking The Ice

Greetings and Welcome!

I'm glad you're here!  I hope all is well with you and the world.  I wanted to start this blog to bring forward matters of science and technology that would appeal specifically to young girls.  I could dither around for months getting started so, here we go, both feet forward, hope I don't trip...  It's inevitable!  Please be kind.