Dec 7, 2010

Geek Links

I have been away.  So sorry for that.  I've been spewing my linkities on Facebook but my friends are starting to complain!  I guess I just have to come back to my blog.  LOL

First, for the holidays, Star Wars Snowflakes!  There's a template available so you can make your own.  I saw this link on Twitter yesterday and all day long, geeks were posting pictures of their snowflakes.   Also, it turns out I've been folding my snowflake paper all wrong.  :-(

Here's a texting contest from The National Archives you can enter on Twitter.  Re-write an amendment to the Bill of Rights in 140 characters or less.  It has to include the hashtag #BillOfRights to be eligible.  Even if you don't have a Twitter account, it's fun just to play.  Last day of the contest is December 15!

Double your service with Generation On.  Sign up and pledge to do your regular good deed and they'll donate a toy to Toys For Tots.  Generation On is the youth division of the Points Of Light Institute, a service organization created by President George H.W. Bush as part of his vision of a "thousand points of light" in community service.

For kids, teachers and parents I found a set of Ecology Trading Cards.  Anyone can participate in the project by doing things like submitting artwork or inventing games.  The Ecosystem Game gets you to match habitat, food supply and terrain while surviving disasters and climate change. 

And here's Commander Scott Kelly to give you a tour of his personal quarters aboard the International Space Station.  He wears the same shirt for a month!

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